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Traditional Pastry

Egypt has alot of vacations during the year and some of vacations are Celebration and they are common in other countries but there is a tradition in the Islamic nation where muslims used to express their feelings and sharing happiness to each other for the birth of the profit Mohamed “peace be upon him “ by buying gifts and it is so popular in Egypt to buy sweets as a gift which a kind of happiness.

Malban (Lokum)

Delight is produced by mixing sugar, corn starch and water in very certain amount, and by adding nuts or aroma to the mixture it became ready to taste it. Our collections of delight are excellent in taste. Flavors like mastic, mint, orange, and more.


Our collections of coconut products is hamam, ladida, basima and meraba, produced by mixing sugar, glucose and water in certain fractions. This mixture is heated for a certain time & temperature. Then we added coconut, nuts and raisin.

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