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Oriental Pastry

Oriental pastries are very delicious indeed. There are many types of it, they all made from four main ores. Ores are konafa, baklawa, golash and semolina we try to choose high and good ores to produce the best qualities to have the best impression which make us able to produce more and more. We use the finest french fat milk (Butter Ghee) and wheat flour gluten, with different kinds of nuts such as pistachio, almond, cashew, hazelnut, walnut, dried fruit, dates, cream and fruit fillings. Gently baked to suit your taste and sweetened with our own syrup.


Baklawa is thin layers of filo dough. Carefully rolled around the finest nuts, gently baked to suit your taste and sweetened with our own syrup. our collection of baklawa such as hijab, boaj, kol wish- kor, fingers, msht and assieh. Delicious and crispy.


Knafeh is thin strings of dough stuffed with nuts, dates and dried apricot such as bassma is two crushed layers of knafeh with a sweet chopped nuts filling roasted to a golden colour. Burma is nuts rolled inside thin strings of knafeh deep fried until crispy. osh al-bulbul is knafeh strings rolled like the bird's nest filled with whole nuts, bite size & crunchy.

Golash & BARAZEK

Our collection of golash such as Rings, fingers and rolls is amazing. Golash is thin layers of dough carefully rolled around the finest nuts, just one is not enough.


To see our semolina products download this PDF
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