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0.9 KG Oriental Pastry Plate 4

120.00 EGP

170gm baklawa hijab
80gm knafeh burma
90gm golash fingers coconut
130gm golash rings
45gm baklawa kol wish-kor peanut
60gm baklawa boaj hazelnut
30gm knafeh bassma nuts
45gm knafeh balloryeh dried apricot (Qamaradin)
30gm knafeh bassma dates
30gm knafeh balloryeh pistachio
105gm knafeh burma hazelnut
105gm knafeh burma almond
60gm Knafeh osh (pistachio, walnut, almond, cashew)


A premium selection of Oriental pastry, gently baked to suit your taste and sweetened with our own syrup.

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