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Policy statement

Policy Statement for Quality, Safety, Accupational Health and Food Safety

Misr Sweets, recognises the importance of policy of quality, safety, occupational health and food safety as an integral component necessary to ensure the successful operation of its activities.

This policy is a commitment from the management of Misr Sweets Company to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all activities of the company.

Policy objectives

a. Provide a good, healthy and safe product that meets the requirements, needs and expectations of customers as well as technical specifications and government and official requirements.

b. Human resources development through continuous training to increase skills and abilities.

c. To apply the health requirements and technical specifications and to ensure that all employees understand and endeavour to apply them in the field of currency.

d. Product safety and presence come first.

e. Working together with a better working environment through the choice of competencies.

f. Continuous development and improvement of the company’s business system by adopting the requirements of the specifications – ISO 22000: 2018, ISO 9001: 2015.

g. To comply with the legal, legislative and other requirements related to the company’s activities and to be fully committed to maintaining the health and safety of all employees in the company and to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases as a result of the company’s activity.

The Misr Sweets Department transfers all employees to stop any unsafe work or conditions that may endanger the person or company.

Ensure emergency measures and how to respond and implement them and update them according to need, and conduct periodic exercises on these procedures.

** The policy of quality, safety, occupational health and food safety is reviewed annually to ensure that the company’s activity remains relevant.
** The objectives of the company are set in accordance with the policy high and follow the position of implementation periodically.


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