Tradition Pastry

Our products are(100% sugar) with Different kinds of nuts, sesame, peanuts, and
chickpeas we use Aromatic oils and scents
Halwa curly
Halwa Tahini
Halwa bonbon


Our collection of delight with excellent taste with different kinds of nuts and peanuts, spice like mastic, mint, orange, strawberry, lemon, and cocoa. we cover our delight with crystal sugar, powder sugar, cocoa, and chocolate. we use Aromatic oils and scents


Our collection of coconut products is Hamam, Ladida, Basima and White breeder coconut, we use sugar and glucose. Hamam is white coconut shred with raisin and pistachio. Ladida is toasted Coconut Chips with raisin and hazelnut. Basima is Coconut powder with semolina and milk baked in oven And feature the Golden colour. White breeder coconut is Coconut powder with raisin and pistachio on top.